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Take the first step toward becoming a professional Cosmetology Instructor!


Instructor Training Kit

Milady Master Educator Textbook provides the backbone of the instructor training in the beauty industry.  The text presents educators with the teaching skills and educational judgments necessary to become an effective and successful instructor. The content in Master Educator is designed for flexibility, being used in programs ranging from a basic overview of instructor training to programs that require more advanced teaching techniques. Presented in an easy-to-understand style, it features powerful teaching techniques. Master Educator serves the future & seasoned instructor as a valuable, fundamental learning tool, with the strategies needed to adapt to the changing landscape of classroom learning.


Don't miss this opportunity to ignite that spark that made you want to become an educator in the first place or to motivate your success toward your new goal as an educator!

If you're ready to teach future cosmetology professionals, apply to our Cleveland, TN Cosmetology Instructor Training program today!