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The Cosmetology program is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and education to become a Licensed Cosmetologist in an accredited and licensed environment. Proudly serving Hamilton, Polk, Bradley, McMinn, Meigs, and Rhea county, Franklin Academy is dedicated to helping students fulfill their cosmetology dreams. Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to enter the cosmetology industry in an entry level position.


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  • To develop the knowledge, and understanding of the theory of Cosmetology, as well as the skill and appreciation of the practice of Cosmetology
  • To develop good habits in the safe and sanitary performance of duties, and to  recognize the importance of these habits in the interest of self, as well as others.
  • To learn the necessary care of, and proper utilization of, supplies and equipment in relation to the application  of cosmetic treatments.
  • To prepare the student for the State Board Examination and obtain a license to practice Cosmetology.


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Cosmetology Student Kit

Your cosmetology school student kit is your complete tool kit to support your success.  The FROMM student kit includes the necessary tools and supplies for your education, including: textbooks, workbooks, mannequins, cutlery, combs, brushes, blow-dryer, curling irons, clippers, manicure kit, etc.  The importance of investing in your FROMM student kit provides you with quality tools, many of which will be the foundation of your cosmetology tool belt for years to come. FROMM has been in the beauty industry for over 105 years. The family-owned company prides themselves in finding better ways to create beauty.  A complete kit list will be provided upon request.


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